Overlap - Does your page suffer from Overlap? Open your site in Internet Explorer. Right click on a blank section of the page and select Properties from the pop-up window. If the address ends with ~ns4.html or ~ie4.html, your page has overlap.

Fix It! - Start by clearing your cache. (Browser Tool Bar - Click Tools - Click Internet Options - Delete Cookies/Files Clear History) Then select all of the elements on the page. (EDIT - Select All ) If any of the blue lines surrounding the elements are overlapping, move them so that they aren't.  If the problem is still there, check the element toolbar. (Upper right on your SiteBuilder Page) Every element on your page will be listed in the drop down. Check to be sure you don't have an element hidden behind another one by clicking on each individual element to see where it is located.

Clean it Up!
Refresh ~ When you visit pages your computer stores them in Temporary Files called the Cache. If you were to visit a page again it would load faster as the page has been saved to the Cache. Click on the Refresh button in your toolbar when you are viewing a page and the browser will display the page complete with changes.