How to use the TOOLS in SiteBuilder. This section deals with the Properties Editor, Toolbars and the Site Builder Bar that are used to build your web site.  Learning how to use them is the first step to creating a well-designed site.
The FAQs (frequently asked questions) section addresses commonly asked questions by users of Site Builder. Those new to using SiteBuilder will find them useful for quick help on getting started and it is a good reference point for 'old timers' who need to refresh their memory.
Web site DESIGN is quick and easy using SiteBuilder by Homestead. There are  some basic principles of site design that are the responsibility of the web site owner to be conscious of when building a site. Implementing the design suggestions will make your site friendly to both viewers and search engines.  Use the design checklist to assess your site.
TIPS for enhancing your site design, incorporating scripts, suggestions on how to use SiteBuilder to its full potential and much more to help you maximize the effectiveness of your site.
TUTORIALS on using scripts, code and software in the Homestead site, provide graphic as well as textual instruction.  Learn how to add CSS code, put a graphic scroller on your site, and more. Tutorials are provided by Homestead members who have 'conquered the beast' and guide you step by step through the various enhancements. 
The Homestead Connection is a guide for Homestead users to get help with the Site Builder web site building program. Get answers about SiteBuilder and how to use it. Tips, tutorials and instructions are included to help you maximize the effectiveness of your home on the web.
The 50+ page e-book that explains search engine optimization for users of the Intuit Homestead SiteBuilder program.  SEO Building Blocks explains the process of Search Engine Optimization in simple to understand terms and addresses the items that make optimization for Site Builder sites different. Examples and illustrations show how to make your site stand out for the Search Engines and increase visitor appeal. SEO doesn't have to be hard.

More information - SEO Building Blocks
Ebooks written by Homestead SiteBuilder users
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E-book contains over 50 pages of information that explains how to:

Start your independent business

Promote and market your business

Create an income stream

Design marketable, professional websites

Using the steps outlined in Homestead Website Design and Homestead's SiteBuilder program you can earn extra income and build a successful home based business.
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The following sites offer more help for users of the Homestead Site Builder program.

Homestead Connection Blog
News, views, up-to-date info about design and SEO

Homestead Website Design and SEO
Design and SEO service for those who just don't have time or the inclination to build or optimize their own website.
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