Create a Pop-up Window in SiteBuilder
Tutorial Submitted by :: susanmj
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<a href="#" OnClick="'','seobb','width=500, height=500, menubar, status, scrollbars, toolbar, location');"><font size="7" face="Georgia, Arial" color="#13a348">LINK NAME</font></a>
Once you have made all the changes, copy the code and add to the <body> by creating an HTML box on the page - Click on the box to select it - On the Properties Editor click the Enter or Paste HTML button and paste the code into the HTML Snippet form. Position the box on the page so the link shows where you want it. Save and Publish. Check the page in multiple browsers to be sure it renders correctly.

Be sure when you copy the code or make changes that you leave all the , " and ' in place or the code won't work.
Items in blue need to be changed to reflect your own information
  • enter the address of the site that you want to open in the pop up
  • give the pop up a name - in the example below the name is seobb
  • Link Name - This will be the text you want to appear on the page as in the example to the left
Options in bold black can be changed to whatever settings you prefer.
  • width and height - the size in pixels that you want the pop up window to be
  • font size - can have a value of 1 to 7. 3 is 'normal' size
  • face - the font you want to use. If the viewer does not have the font installed on their computer it will render Times New Roman as the default so it is best to stay within websafe fonts.
  • color - enter the hexidecimal number or the common name (red, green, blue, etc.) of the color you want the Link Name to be
Options in red can be deleted depending on how you want the pop up to look. You may have to experiment a bit to see how each option affects the result.
  • status bar = page load progress
  • menu bar =  the menu in the browser
  • scroll bar =  ability to scroll horizontally and vertically
  • location bar = browser bar where you type in URLs
  • toolbar = area across top of screen (usually) that contains icons representing various functions
BASIC CODE SHOWN WITH ALL OPTIONS - Requires viewer to click

Arial / Helvetica
Times New Roman / Times
Courier New / Courier
Comic Sans MS
Trebuchet MS
Arial Black
Click link above to see how the pop-up works.