1. Select an image that you'd like to thumbnail.

2. From the toolbar along the top of SiteBuilder, choose...

Format -> Thumbnail...

3. In the 'Create Thumbnail Image' window, adjust the settings according to your preference*.

Once a thumbnail size has been set, any new thumbnail that you create will have these same dimensions.

* The 'Width' and 'Height' fields are pixel values, not percentages.


Following are a few of the more common web site graphics and photo editing programs.  They are useful in helping you create thumbnails and design and edit graphics for your Web site.  Prices shown are for new, in the box, programs purchased from the company site or for a downloadable version from the company site.  Shop around for better prices.

IrfanView  FREE
Easy Thumbnails FREE
PhotoPlus 6 FREE
CorelDRAW  -  $379.00
Adobe Photoshop CS2 - $650.00
Corel Paint Shop Pro - $79.99
U-Lead Photo Impact -  $89.99

Overlap - Does your page suffer from Overlap? Open your site in Internet Explorer. Right click on a blank section of the page and select Properties from the pop-up window. If the address ends with ~ns4.html or ~ie4.html, your page has overlap.
Fix It! - Start by clearing your cache. (Browser Tool Bar - Click Tools - Click Internet Options - Delete Cookies/Files Clear History) Then select all of the elements on the page. (EDIT - Select All ) If any of the blue lines surrounding the elements are overlapping, move them so that they aren't.  If the problem is still there, check the element toolbar. (Upper right on your SiteBuilder Page) Every element on your page will be listed in the drop down. Check to be sure you don't have an element hidden behind another one by clicking on each individual element to see where it is located.
Homestead's Navigations
The 'ready-made' navigations offered by Homestead are built using Java script.  Search Engines can not 'read' Java. It's wise to add a plain text navigation menu in addition to or in lieu of using the Homestead navigation.
Clean it Up!
Refresh ~ When you visit pages your computer stores them in Temporary Files called the Cache. If you were to visit a page again it would load faster as the page has been saved to the Cache. Click on the Refresh button in your toolbar when you are viewing a page and the browser will display the page complete with changes. 
Browser Shots
Test your web design in multiple browsers. Browser Shots is a free online platform that shows what your pages look like in various browsers. Saves you from having to download several browsers to your own site to check your pages.
Quickly Select Multiple Elements
Select multiple elements on your page by holding down the shift key and clicking on each element you want to select.  If you 'grab' one you don't want, depress the Contol (Ctrl) key and click on the unwanted element.
To select a group of elements hold down the left mouse button and draw a box around all the elements you want to select. Tutorial
Link Your Header
Link your header to your Index/Home Page.  If a visitor gets lost within the site they can easily click on the header to get back to your Home page. If your header is a graphic be sure to add Alt Text as well as linking.
Save Your Guest Book Entries
If you move your Guest Book the element itself will be saved, but you will lose all the entries.  To save your entries:
Open the page with the guest book in your browser.  Click on view entries.  A very long address will show up in the address bar of your browser. Highlight and copy that address and then paste it to a notepad. Save it and you will have a permanent record of your entries.
Additionally, if you do not like the guest books offered you can use your own graphic and link it to the address you saved.
You've created a form and have all your form elements placed on the page. But when you preview and use the tab key to test how the form works you find  that it doesn't follow the way you have it set up:
EX: Name, Address, City, State, Zip
When you use the tab it jumps from the Name box to Zip, then to City, etc.
The tab order is determined by the sequence in which you create the form elements, not by how they are placed on the page.
To correct the order, right click on the form element you want to be first and choose Element Layer Order - Bring to Front-  Do this for each element in the order you want them to tab. Creating Forms in SiteBuilder Tutorial

Setting the Tab Order in Forms
Archived Tips
Also, as you visit the web, Temp files get larger, thus eating up space on your hard disk.  Regular cleaning of the Cache is recommended. 
Click on Tools in the upper toolbar ~ Click Internet Options ~ Click Delete Cookies ~ Click Delete Files and check  Delete All Offline Content box then click OK.  In the History section, the fewer days you select, the less build-up there will be in your Cache.
The most popular resolution used by viewers is 1024x768. For those viewers who still use an 800 x 600 resolution sites built over 800 will create a left to right scroll and by the same token sites built over 1024 will also create a horizontal scroll. To most viewers it's an irritant to have the additional scroll and more often than not they will leave a site that requires a vertical as well as horizontal scroll. Study your site stats to see what resolutions your visitors are using.
If there is printable content on the page, a width of 760 will print out on a standard 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper without dropping part of the text onto another page. 
Web Page Size
Above the fold is the section of a Web page that is visible without scrolling and is considered the most important part of your page.

The fold varies depending on the resolution settings on a visitor's monitor. At lower settings (i.e. 640x480) the fold is relatively high on the page. At higher settings (i.e. 1280x1024) the fold extends much further down the page.

You have 10 seconds to keep and hold your viewer's attention.  Make the space 'above the fold' work for you.

1. Avoid flashy, spinning, whirling things.
2. Don't hide your navigation with an overly large or obtrusive logo, header or banner.
3. Keep it simple, keep it clean.
4. Make the point of your site clear
Above the Fold
Thumbnails & Photo Editing Programs
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