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Creating Frames in SiteBuilder

Frames are not search engine friendly so use at your own discretion. They can be helpful to keep a page smaller and more compact. Be sure the content isn't vital to your optimization though as it probably won't be read by the search engines.
1. Create a New Page titled IFrame

2. On the Properties Editor set the Page Width to the width you want the Frame to be on the page where you direct the information to.

3. Place your content on the IFrame Page.

4. Open the page where you want the IFrame to appear.

5. From the toolbar select an Insert HTML element

6. Paste the following code into the Insert HTML box:
<IFRAME src="iframe.html" width="740" height="1774"> </iframe>
You will need to adjust the width and height in the code to suit your needs. Add the dimensions to the Properties Editor as well under Width and Height.

7. Publish both the new IFrame page and the page where you placed the HTML insert.

Sample of IFrame
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NOTE: Place the following tag under Advanced on the Properties Editor on the IFrame page before publishing.