Description - This is where you enter a brief description of the contents of your web page.  Use the key words you want the Search Engines to find you by.

Properties Editor - Page Properties - Meta Tags
Meta Tags Tab
Key WordsEnter words or phrases related to your site and the page content.  Two word entries are best.  Do not overuse a word.  Search engines look at repeated words as spam.
* As of 2010 Google and Bing are no longer using keywords as part of the critieria to place sites in searches. Some of the lesser search engines may still be using them.
PROPERTIES EDITOR ~ Page Properties ~ Meta Tags
To activate the Page Properties aspect of the PE click anywhere on your page background. Be sure you don't click on a graphic or other element - if you do you won't get the PE menu for Page Properties.

There are three tabs on the Properties Editor dealing with Page Properties.
Basics - Meta Tags - Advanced
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Guide to search engine optimization
Properties Editor - Page Properties
Tutorials to help Homestead users with creating their website
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