TOOLBARS ~ Toolbar 2 ~ Task Bar
New - Click to start a new page.
Open- Click to open a different page
Save - Click to Save current changes.
Publish - Publishes your page to the Web.  Choosing 'Publish All" will publish all open pages.
Page Info - Properties Editor opens to Page Properties.
Link - Highlight the text you want to create a link for then click 'Link'.
Clone - Select the text or graphic you want to Clone by clicking on it.  To select multiple items hold down the Shift key while clicking on the items. Click the Clone button and your selected items appear.
Layer - Click to change the order of elements.
Delete - Deletes selected element or block of text. You can un-do by clicking on Edit - Undo Delete.
Spelling - Check the spelling in a single text box by clicking on it and then on the Spelling button.  Check the entire page by clicking on any open space on the page.
Rotate - Allows rotation of an image. Select the image and then click on Rotate and choose the settings you want.
Optimize - Optimize your graphics for web viewing. Reduces file size and lessens load time.
Thumb - Creates a thumbnail image of a larger graphic.

This toolbar provides a quick link to tasks also found under  File, Edit, Format and View in Toolbar 1.
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