To undock it, go to the toolbar in the upper left of the page.
Click View - Click Properties Editor - Click Undock Properties Editor
The Properties Editor (PE) is your builder.  Using the Properties Editor and the Toolbar Elements you will design your website. The best way to familiarize yourself with the SiteBuilder program is to practice. Open a new page and dive in. You can save the page as Practice or Play or whatever you wish to name it. Be sure to insert the No Index, No Follow tag to prevent it from being picked up by the search engines in case you publish it.
Properties Editor in Docked State
P.E. in Docked State
When you first start out, the PE is affixed to the right hand side of your page. 
Properties Editor - Page Properties
Use the internal search feature to the right or the site map for easy access to information.
Tutorials to help Homestead users with creating their website
Toolbar 1 ::
Toolbar 2 ::

    Task Bar

Toolbar 3 - 4 ::

    Elements Bar

Toolbar 5 ::

  SiteBuilder Bar

Toolbar 6 ::

  Element Select
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Once undocked, click on it while keeping the left mouse button depressed and drag to place it where you want. You re-dock using the same method. Click View - Properties Editor - Click Dock
If you close the PE or "lose" it, simply do a fast left double click on your page background and it will re-appear. You can also go back to View and retrieve it from there as in the steps above.