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SiteBuilder Bar
Home Screen
Clicking on the 'HOME' button opens a page of Quick Links to your account and site information, stats, and more.
The SiteBuilder Bar can be hidden by clicking on the 'Hide Bar' button at the bottom of the SiteBuilder Bar column. To re-open it click 'View' ~ 'SiteBuilder Bar'  ~ 'Show SiteBuilder Bar'.
Clicking on  'PAGE EDITOR'  returns you to the currently selected page for editing.
File Manager Screen Pages
The 'FILE MANAGER' contains all the pages and files within your site.  You can browse by thumbnail image or list.  The graphic below shows the 'FILE MANAGER' in list view.
File Manager Screen Files
Shows all pages & Status
Click on Files to view all the files in the site. Click on the + sign next to the folder to open files in this column.
Element Selector
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Tutorials to help Homestead users with creating their website
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